Oct 28 2014

Stumpy at Designer Con


Stumpy Warburton “Mourning” edition will be released exclusively at Designer Con in Pasadena on November the 8th & 9th.

There will be ONLY 20 of these 2″ tall resin figures, each hand painted by Doktor A.
Signed and numbered, carded and bagged.
$90 each.

Available from the Doktor’s booth, Number 416.


MourningStumpyCardedLorez MourningStumpyThreeLorez MourningStumpyGroupLorez


Jul 22 2014


GearDroidGroupSafariLorez A series of six unique customised mini Android vinyl toys. Each with auto-articulated head motion. Turn the gear on the chest to rotate the head. Each one is made from an official Google Android vinyl toy from DYZplastic, designed by Andrew Bell. GearDroidFrontBackSafariLowfi 3″ tall, Vinyl, Acrylic, Laser etched MDF, Lead, Brass winding key.
Each one is signed and numbered on the bottom by Doktor A.
Available soon from his online store. GearDroid1SafariLorez GearDroid2SafariLorez GearDroid3SafariLorez GearDroid4SafariLorez GearDroid5SafariLorez GearDroid6SafariLorez GearDroidGroupLorez

Nov 26 2013

Got Wood!



Each year the awesome Blamo toy company has a custom show of its all wooden art toys. Each year to date I have been too busy to take part. This year they gave me a really early warning.. so I was able to finally do something for them. The results are Mr. Edward Woodhead.



Standing 11.5″ tall and made of Wood and brass with vintage clock gears. The base is a vintage gear from a mill weaving machine.
You can view Edward and all the other works at the TAG (Toy Art Gallery) in L.A. from the 14th of December.

EdwardWoodheadBackLorez billy_postcard_f_print billy_postcard_b_final EdwardWoodheadFaceFLorez


Oct 29 2013

Amelia Incantatum for Halloween



Well met by moonlight, miss Amelia Incactatum.
The second customised, one of a kind Bella DeLaMere Witch figures for my Halloween online release.

Recently graduated from the Yorkshire school of witchcraft Miss Amelia Incantatum is the latest spellcaster in a family who can trace their blood line back to the neolithic period. Though extremely proficient with potions and charms, her shape shifting skills are not so developed. She has been stuck with her tentacles since a badly researched transmogrification experiment during her last summer break…

Standing 9″ tall (without her base) this customised vinyl figure features a stylishly wicked hat, bunch of metal keys, spell scroll, jar of glowing magical particles and “crystal” wand. She stands on a turned wooden base topped with and etched and weathered magical circle sigil.

Amelia will be available for purchase direct from my online store on Halloween.

AmeliaIncantatumPromoLorez AmeliaIncantatumRightLorez AmeliaIncantatumLeftLorez  AmeliaIncantatumFrontLeftLorez  AmeliaIncantatumBackLorez


AmeliaIncantatumBaseLorez AmeliaIncantatumWandLorez AmeliaIncantatumTorsoFRLorez

Oct 29 2013

Hedge Witch for Halloween



Bid welcome to The Hedge Witch.
A customised, one of a kind Bella DeLaMere figure for Halloween.

The Hedge Witch is a solitary earth spirit who inhabits the forests of the old world. Embodying the facets of nature in her very form. The seasons of death and regrowth moving though her.

The 10 inch tall figure features a highly textured form, gold leaf embellished sickle (for the ritual harvesting of mistletoe), a spell scroll, antlers and miniature Pumpkins. She comes on a vintage wooden base.

Hedge Witch will be available for purchase direct from my online store on Halloween.

HedgeWitchTurnRightLorez HedgeWitchTurnLeftLorez HedgeWitchLeftLorez HedgeWitchBackRightLorez HedgeWitchBackLorez


HedgeWitchSickleLorez HedgeWitchFaceRightLorez HedgeWitchFaceLeftLorez

May 6 2013

Oddfellows show pieces available online

The works in “Oddfellows”, my two man show with Chet Zar  are now available to purchase online at Stranger Factory.


Sep 18 2012

Ernest Longfellow

Ernest desires precision in all things. He is always dressed immaculately in the finest tailored clothes.
His knowledge is wide, his taste impeccable. His speech is precise and his timing punctual.
All in all is he quite unbearable.

Customised Badbot toy by Three A.
Vinyl, Epoxy resin, Styrene, Acrylic, Lead, Brass, Rubber, ABS, Found objects, Working miniature pocket watch, Vintage wooden base.
16.5″ tall.

Destined for my solo show at My Plastic Heart in New York opening on the 12th October.

Aug 31 2012

Teasing time..

A teaser for a piece in my MPH New York show. Oct 12th..


Jun 9 2012

Work In Progress

Some pieces in the making bound for my New York solo show in october at My Plastic Heart.

Tiny clockwork brain…..

And a fairly typical day on my workbench..
About to cannibalise a bunch of antique (and probably frighteningly rare) draughtsman’s tools to make robot appendages..

Apr 13 2012

The Confectioner


Organic Chemist by trade Archibald Schpoon enjoyed cookery as a hobby.
Upon a chance meeting with Joshua Hipplethwaite he began experimenting with confectionary and soon it became a driving passion.
He delved into the conundrum of complex and unusual ingredient combinations and the unexpected effects that they could have on some types of Mechtorians.
Ever pushing and blurring the boundaries of what was possible within the fields of exquisite delicacies and recreational pharmaceuticals.

Vinyl, Acrylic, Epoxy Resin. Polymer Clay, Lead, Rubber, Found Objects.

For Monsters & Misfits II.
Opening 13th April at Kusakabe Folk Museum, Takayama, Japan.

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