Steampunk Surgical Spirit
December 7th (10am – 5pm)
Steampunk themed Xmas market.
Thackray Medical Museum Leeds, UK

Un-American Activity
November 15th – Dec
Toy Art show with JonPaul Kaiser, Cris Rose and Seymour
T.A.G (Toy Art Gallery)
7571 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Designer Con
November 8th – 9th
Pasadena convention center.
Designer Con

Market at the Mill
June 7th-8th (10am – 5pm)
Steampunk themed market
Queens Street Mill Burnley, UK

Toycon UK
The art toy convention.
12th April 9am to 5pm
York Hall, 5 Old Ford Rd, London, E2 9PJ

Steam Faery Market
Glastonbury Town Hall
March 8th 10.30am – 5pm
March 9th 11am – 4.30pm
Free entry.

Conjoined IV – A New Beginning
Sculptures and Dimensional Art show curated by Chet Zar
January 18th  (8:00-11:30 PM)
Runs until February 8th
Copro Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave T5
Santa Monica, CA 90404
tel: 310 829 2156


Blamo Toys Annual Show
Group custom wooden toy show.
TAG (Toy Art Gallery) L.A.
December 14th  7-10pm.

Leeds Steampunk Weekend
October 5th-6th (10am-5pm)
Armley Mills Industrial Museum.
Leeds, UK
NOTE : Doktor A will only be in attendance on Saturday the 5th.

Monsters & Misfits III
September 13th – 26th.
Circus Posterus group show.
Kusakabe Folk Museum
Takayama, Japan.

Dragon Con
August 30th – Sept 2nd.
Atlanta, USA.

All (My) Stars
August 16th-Sept 5th
Group show. Strychnin Gallery’s 10th Birthday.
Strychnine Gallery Berlin.

Cardiff  Tattoo & Toy Con
July 20th – 21st.
Mercure Cardiff Hotel, Cardiff, Wales,UK

3rd May – June 2nd.
Two man show with Chet Zar
Stranger Factory
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Toycon UK
The first UK art toy convention.
ondon 6th April

Conjoined III – The Final Chapter-
Sculptures and Dimensional Art show curated by Chet Zar
January 19th  (8:00-11:30 PM)
Runs until February 9th
Copro Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave T5
Santa Monica, CA 90404
tel: 310 829 2156




A Postcard from New Yorkshire
Solo Show
My Plastic Heart
October 12th – 31st.
New York, USA


Halloween themed group show.
Stranger Factory
Albuquerque, New Mexico


Group sculptural show curated by Dave Pressler.
July 7th – 21st.
Rivet Gallery, Columbus, Ohio


The Emporium
With Seymour and Skeleton Heart.
Opening June 8th.
Strychnin Gallery
Boxhagenerstrasse 36
Berlin, Germany


Monsters & Misfits II
With Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak and Amanda Spayd.
April 13th, Japan
Kusakabe Folk Museum, Takayama, Japan.


Conjoined II The Sequel- in 3D
Sculptures and Dimensional Art curated by Chet Zar
January 21st  (8:00-11:30 PM)
Runs until February 11th
Copro Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave T5
Santa Monica, CA 90404
tel: 310 829 2156




Designer Con
November 5th
Pasadena convention center.
Designer Con

Halloween themed group show.
Stranger Factory Albuquerque, New Mexico

Brain Evolution
September 16th.
Group show of customised Jumping Brain toys.
Art Toy Gallery L.A. USA

Imaginary Menagerie
July 9th
With Chris Ryniak, Amanda Spayd and Lana Crooks
Oh No Doom GalleryChicago, USA

Gentle Giants
Group Robot show.
Strychnin Gallery Berlin.
15th July – 7th August.

Skate Cycle
Group Show.
Toy Tokyo Underground art studio, The Levarek Gallery New York
June 16

Modern Vintage Narrative
Opening group show at Stranger Factory Gallery
June 3
109 Carlisle Blvd NE in Albuquerque, NM

Hey Cavey Birthday Party
Group plush show.
Thursday May 25th 6-9pm
Fleet River Bakery
in Holborn, London

New Dimensions
Group sculpture show.
Bold Hype Gallery New York.
547 W 27th St, 5th Floor New York, NY 10001
May 12th –  June 4th

“Mr. Whistlecraft’s Tarnished Day Dreams”
Solo show.
April 1st – 30th.
Iksentrik, Bath, UK

Addams Family Show
Group Show.
January 7th – 31st.
Wootini, 101 Lloyd St, Carrboro, NC 27510, USA


“Designer Con”
November 20th
Pasadena, California

“Bitbots The Bewtiched Forest”
Group Show.
Customised Jinny mini toys from new UK company Bitbots.
September 9th – 30th
11 Kingly Court, London W1B5PW

“Dragon Con”
Pop art and media convention.
September 3rd – 6th
Atlanta, Georgia

Group Show.
Customised wooden Jubibuts toys created by Noferin.
Munky King 7308 Melrose Ave, LA, CA, USA
April 1st – 28th

“When Hell Freezes Over “
Group Show.
Customised Cranston Fellows Jr. resin Toys created by Lou Pimentel.
At : My Plastic Heart New York.
210 Forsyth St. NY, NY 10002
Friday Jan 8th – Jan 30th



“Under the Influence _ Beastie Boys”

Group show.
Artworks and sculpture inspired by the music and videos of the Beastie Boys.
Gallery 1988 LA USA
Jan 8th – 29th

“Movers & Shakers”
Group show.
POVevolving Gallery LA
Feb 14th

Works from : Jason D’aquino, Scott Schindly, Jason Limon, Michael Page and Doktor A.
Gallery 1988 LA
March 3rd – 27th

Transcenders evite

“Idiot Box”
Group Show.
Artworks inspired by cult TV shows.
Gallery 1988 LA
April 2nd – 23rd

“The Study”
Works from: Doktor A, Steve Cvinar, Dave Pressler, Johnny Yanok
Rivet Gallery Columbus Ohio
June 6th – 30th


“What a Plank”

Group Show.
Paintings on skateboard decks.
Iksentrik Frome UK
July 3rd

“Cuppa Tea Party”
Group show.
Customised versions of the “Lunartik in a Cup of Tea” toy created by Matt Jones.
Touring UK and the world from 11th July

“Dragon Con”

Doktor A’s first appearance at an event in America.
Atlanta, Georgia
September 4th – 7th

“Freak Mechanique”
Solo Show.
Paintngs, drawings and 3D works inspired by Freak shows.
Lift Detroit
November 14th – Dec 9th



“Speakerdog Greatest Hits”

Group Show.
Different artists versions of the Paper Speakerdog toys.
Cafe Pause Tokyo Japan

“Multiple Personalities “
Group show.
Customised toys.
Lift Detroit
March 29th

“The Soopa Show”
Group Show.
Customised Video game cabinet toys.
Concrete Jungle New York
April 19th

“Don’t Cry Over Spilt Vinyl”
Group Show.
Customised Mooby cow toys.
Pravus Gallery, Phoenix
May 2nd

“Jam & Custard”

Group Show.
Customised Droplet toys.
GoGo Plastic Birmingham UK

“Down the Bunny Hole”

Group Show.
Customised versions of Frank Kozik’s Labbit toy.
Rivet Gallery Columbus Ohio
May 3rd


“Welcome to Retropolis”
Solo Show.
2D and 3D works on a Mechtorian nature.
Rivet Gallery Columbus Ohio


“Beasts of Burden”

Subtext Gallery San Diego 25th July
Group. Customised Yoka Panda toys.

“Get the Lead Out”

Group Show.
Black Maria LA
Aug 2nd

“Toyqube 4th Birthday Party”

Group Show.
Customised Sharky toys.
Sullivan Rooms, New York
Aug 15th

“This BUDs for You”

Group Show.
Customised Jumango Bud toys.
Hero & Sound Buffalo


“Madl Citizens “
Group Show.
Customised 10″ Madl toys created by Jeremy Madl.
Lift Detroit
Oct 25th

“Noxious Fumes”

Group Show.
Show of Gasmask inspired works.
Rivet Gallery Columbus Ohio

“Monster Art Rally”

Group Show.
Monster inspired works.
G1988 San Francisco


“The Wishing Well Show”

Group Show.
Artwork and toys in aid of Ava.
Monkeyhouse Toys, Los Angeles, USA,

” Higher Court”/ “Munny Shot”
Art by Dok A, Sket, Huck Gee, Mimic, Playskewl
Tobacco Factory Bristol, UK,
March 4th

“By Popular Demand”

Prints by Dok A, Sket, Huck Gee, Mimic, Playskewl
Severn Shed Bristol, UK,
March 5th

“Urban Experiments 2″

Group Show.
Painted skate board decks
Banana Lab Detroit, USA,
April 29th

“Gimme Shelter”
Group Show.
Artwork on Cardboard.
Touring USA.

“Vinyl Elements”

Group Show.
Custom toys based on the elements.
LA, USA, May

“Art Toy Alchemists”

Group Show.
Customised toys.
Antifact Unmundane, Anaheim, USA
June 2nd

“Cereal Killers”
Group Show.
Artwork inspired by cereals.
Monkeyhouse Toys, L.A,
June 9th

“Shiitake Parade”

Group Show.
Custom plush mushroom toys.
Toyqube New York
June 16th.

“Skumbos Hijacked”

Group Show.
Custom toy elephants.
Devil Doll Longbeach

“Mega Gwin”
Group Show.
Giant toy Penguins.
Alpha Cult Longbeach
Oct 13th.

“Spit & Polish”

Solo Show.
Cardboard Spaceship Santa Cruz USA
Oct 31st.



Group Show.
Customised “Munny” toys.
Lift Detroit
Dec 1st

“Sadly Beautiful”
Group Show.
Art and toy show.
Black Maria LA
Dec 8th


“The Monser Mash”

Group Show.
Monsters battle via art and toys.
Here Gallery Bristol, UK,

“Munny For Huck”
Group Show.
Artwork and toys to help Huck Gee.
“Moda 3″ Milwaukee

“Bunee Qee Fiesta”
Group Show.
Custom Qee “Bunee” toys.
“AMP” Hong Kong

“Gee Wizz”
Group Show.
Artwork and toys to help Huck Gee.
“The Well” London

“Prosthetic Possibilities”

Group Show.
Missing Link Portland

“Yeast Infection”
Group Show.
Customised vintage Pilsbury Doughboy toys.
Online, October

Group Show.
Customised “Munny” toys.
Lift Footwear, Detroit

“Operation Fragmentation”
Group Show.
Customised “Nade” toys.
BoMA Columbus
December 12th.


” Podling Show”
Group Show.
Twenty artist customise Doktor A’s “Podling” toy.
Playlounge, London
October 31st.

Group Show.
Artwork inspired by the characters from 2000AD comics.
Neil Street, London
December – January.